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Doreen Hawkins

Having supported selected New Zealand artists for more that 30 years as they emerged and developed a style that is recognised as their sigature style, Doreen Hawkins has amassed an impressive collection of art work from set of eclectic artistic connections.

Doreen has always had an interest in art, her passion was further ignited when she studied Art History at the University of Canterbury. Her studies were the catalyst for her, to support New Zealand artists and source pieces for her collection which has been shown thoughtout New Zealand and in London in the course of time.  

Her passion then became an Art Rental Business in which she advised and installed artwork for many private individuals and corporate clients, as her business grew so did the collection and her stable of selected artists.

Doreen continues to maintain a strong interest in her clients and key artists as well as philanthropic work, providing artwork for non-profit organisations, giving something nice to those who help others so generously.

However the time has come, when it is time to clean the attic, as they say and rehome some selected pieces, so that the collection can continue evolve.

Doreen and Michelle both have the same philosophy and to this end, Beautifulmenz has the privilege of assisting in the rehoming of the selected works.

These are works we consider as part of New Zealand art history and an investment in the future either for simply pleasure or if deemed pecuniary advantage in time.