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Elles Art Necklace Collection

Elle’s art necklace collection developed from a combination of both frustration and inspiration.

The frustration of never being able to find a necklace that hung correctly and didn’t sit properly or was in the right colour to highlight an outfit or suit her colour hue (any women who has had their colours done will understand)

Also being an avid cruiser of second-hand shops and church fairs Elle saw many beaded necklaces in various states of disrepair from a bygone era being disposed of.

Seeing the opportunity to repurpose the beads and create unique one-off modern pieces that suited today’s women who know what she wants when it comes to a necklace, she started creating her signature look.

Elle is selective in the beads used they must fit the purpose, taking into their consideration both their colour or weight to achieve the desired look. Although the creations are designed and strung by Elle, she uses a necklace professional to attach the clasps as this is the weak point in any necklace.

All the necklaces are unique creations, as they designed, hand strung and finished individually.