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Goldie Lock

The key to exclusive baby and little girl wear.; tailor made smocked girls dresses for weddings, family functions, special occasions and spring / summer parties.

Jan Grounds crafts each beautiful garment by hand; each one is a unique item crafted with the skill and passion gained from many years experience. Jan’s love of sewing started at the tender age of four – in her words:

I would sit by my mother’s side and take in all that she was doing while making me a smocked frock. It didn’t take long before I was demanding a needle and thread. My mother would show me how to draw up the material ready for working and so a lifetime of desire commenced when the doll dress was smacked I wanted to sew it up. My legs were too small to work the treadle machine so my mother would treadle while I guided the fabric through the machine.

As I grew older the only toy I possessed was one doll so I would look for any cloth I could find to make clothes for her. My doll had all sorts of smocked dresses. I won my first competition at the age of 10 years at the “ best dressed dolls show.”

At the age of 12 a teacher at school told me I would be making clothes for babies and children the seed was sown. At 15 I was just doing that.

I can do most things, but my passion is making smocked dresses, especially one offs to my own modern designs, that gives me the most pleasure.

The shoes I make are handmade and the reason I make them, came about when I was not able to buy shoes for a special occasion for my grandchild to wear.

All my smocked frocks are bespoke one off pieces hand crafted by me.

They are brought for baby’s and little girls to wear on special occasions or by parents who appreciate the joy of having a little girl dressed as a little girl.

I have been told that because the dresses are so unique that they are kept as keepsakes or a special doll is purchased to wear the dress and it becomes part of a family’s history.