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Timeless Treasures

Ivory, silver, taupe and chocolate—each JS Design merino scarf is a potential antique of the future.

The JS Design merino sheep are, we believe, the only commercial flocks of ultrafine colored merinos bred exclusively for a New Zealand made product. Being so rare and precious, we take extra special care of them. Our flocks live largely undisturbed throughout the year, on hill blocks with a tree-lined valley for shelter. The annual shearing takes place in late spring.

Softer than you can imagine, each garment is made from literally the finest, naturally colored merino wool available. And because of the influence of selective breeding and climatic conditions, the colors of our fleeces vary from year to year, ensuring each batch of scarves is totally unique. Nature loves variety and we do too.

Produced by artisans, these woven scarves are objects of lasting, authentic beauty. Even with repeated use they will hold their shape exceptionally well; creases simply disappear due to the elasticity of the unique fibre. And being dye-free with no chemical finishes, you can wear JS Design merino comfortably against your skin every day from autumn to spring.

The products reflect the care taken, the naturalness of the fibre and the special qualities of merino. These include superior warmth, resilience and springiness, brightness, the ability to draw moisture away from the body whilst maintaining even body temperature, and are non-flammable. These truly represent some of the finest pure wool products that can be produced in the world.

Choose from our range of original designer woven scarves and knitted shawls. These are ultra fine and super soft. Our eco-dyes (metal-free) are kinder on the environment and our undyed woven scarves are the ultimate in completely natural textile production.

Jane Shand Design; Her Story

Jane has worked with wool most of her life, growing up on a sheep farm at the bottom of the South Island. She learnt to knit and spin at an early age and created clothing, rugs, blankets and pictures from her own original designs throughout her busy life. Bringing up two children with her husband Brett in an old cottage on a quarter acre section in Redcliffs, combined with teaching English, left little time in recent years, so Jane made the decision to leave teaching to turn her love of wool into a business.

There are many unique aspects of Jane’s business which combines her love of design and the beautiful texture and warmth of merino.

The first and most important aspect is the farm to fashion story.

A unique partnership has developed between Jane and her farmer William Gibson, who grow her beautiful, naturally colored merino flock, especially for her, and his parents Liz and Anton, who supply her ultra fine white merino fiber from their combined farming enterprise in Middlemarch, Central Otago. There are friendship and trust embedded in this relationship as Jane relies totally on their expertise and skill in growing and classing the merino fibre to meet her exacting standards. Care in animal husbandry and in the selection of the fibre is absolutely crucial to the qualities of the end product and working directly with the farmers in this way provides the utmost guarantee that the claims Jane makes about her products can be validated at every point, with testing results to prove.

Another important aspect is the care taken in manufacturing the fibre. It has taken years of trial and error to ascertain the correct spinning tensions to use for particular products, help and advice from Ag Research at Lincoln University as well as support from many other advisors. Washing, knitting and weaving specialists have also been crucial in the development of the products and while not all of these facilities are available now in New Zealand, the bulk of Jane’s manufacturing remains in NZ despite the many challenges facing the wool industry here. All her products qualify for the Made in NZ label.

Key to the softness and warmth of Jane’s knitted and woven shawls and scarves is the fineness of the merino she uses. No one else in NZ manufactures products from ultrafine merino fiber (under 16 microns). There are many reasons for this, not the least being the great difficulty and expense in doing so due to the special care needed in washing and spinning to avoid damage to such delicate fibre.

Ultrafine merino fibre is also relatively rare (just a few thousand bales in the world in any year) and requires very unique conditions in which to grow. Of course the beautiful, naturally colored merino with which her scarves are woven and knitted are not dyed at all.

Campaign for wool

The campaign for wool is a global cross initiative convened by HRH The Prince of Wales in January 2010.

A serious environmentalist the Prince believes the natural, sustainable origin and the highly technical structure if wool can offer fashion, interiors and the living environments, many superior benefits to choosing a real wool – as the Prince understands – will also help to care for our planet.

The combined efforts of the sheep farmer and the global textile industry provide a diverse range of wool products from quality suiting and luxury clothes, to bed and bedding, carpets and rugs, upholstery and insulation for the home

As New Zealand is a country founded on sheep farming, supporting the Campaign for Wool is as natural as the fire itself, it is about protecting New Zealand’s history and ensuring its future.

Wool is an eco-friendly fibre, comfortable and a more durable option to the cheaper and more disposable alternative.

We advocate buy wool, buy New Zealand wool products and support the New Zealand economy.