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Why 100% merino garments are perfect for new-born babies.

Feeding regimes for new born infants are crucially important in order to enable babies to put on as much weight as quickly as possible during the crucial postnatal time. Equally important is also ensuring that babies maintain a suitable temperature at a time when their ability to control and manage their own body is not well developed. A premature baby’s body in particular is ill-prepared to regulate its own temperature, which is critical in warding off infection.

A baby’s clothing, at this vital time of development, is therefore very important in helping infants to maintain the right body temperature range. Clothing must insulate against both heat and cold, and must also take away the body’s natural perspiration so as to help avoid catching a chill.

The very best fabric for this purpose is natural, recyclable, flame retardant, biodegradable hypo-allergenic wool - natures own wonder fibre.The supreme wool variety is recognized to be merino, because the merino fiber is so fine that it can be worn directly against a baby’s skin without scratching or irritation, as can happen with other forms of wool. Human hair is as typically 60 microns in thickness, but merino fiber is a very fine 15 to 25 microns.

Feeling the surface of the merino cloth is a revelation, it is so silky soft and comfortable. Merino wool fibre has a natural structure that forms tiny insulating air pockets which provide excellent insulation from outside heat and cold for the baby yet still allow the body’s natural perspiration to work readily through to the outside preventing it from chilling the body and helping avoid the build up of odours and stains. Wool also has the fabulous ability to remain warmth, even when wet. Merino wool is the supreme fabric that can achieve this.

The baby remains dry, and keeps warm and comfortable at all times, something that is very important when the baby is sleeping. Equally importantly, research shows that a baby clad in merino wool clothing will gain weight much faster than in cotton garments. Merino wool is repellent to dust mites, and is also resistant to static charge, thus picking up fewer dust particles than other fabrics, and helping to keep allergies at bay.

The stain and odour resistant nature of Merino wool garments offers the advantage of less frequent washing than other fabrics and only require a gentle machine or hand wash when needed.

The merino sheep of New Zealand produce some of the world's finest merino fibre. This is due to many years of selective breeding and their New Zealand Alpine habitat, where the extremes of hot summers and cold winters requires the animal to grow a superior wool for its own survival. By using New Zealand merino wool garments for your baby you can offer the same level of protection for your most precious asset.

The merino swaddling garment actually helps to soothe and settle a baby during the night hours, which helps to prevent startling and waking from involuntary arm and leg movements - a big help for both baby and parents.

We proudly support the world’s best merino wool products by offering you garments made of 100% New Zealand grown and processed merino wool.

Your baby deserves the very best and New Zealand merino wool baby garments are just this – the finest product for your most valuable asset.

Campaign for wool

The campaign for wool is a global cross initiative convened by HRH The Prince of Wales in January 2010.

A serious environmentalist the Prince believes the natural, sustainable origin and the highly technical structure if wool can offer fashion, interiors and the living environments, many superior benefits to choosing a real wool – as the Prince understands – will also help to care for our planet

The combined efforts of the sheep farmer and the global textile industry provide a diverse range of wool products from quality suiting and luxury clothes, to bed and bedding, carpets and rugs, upholstery and insulation for the home

As New Zealand is a country founded on sheep farming, supporting the Campaign for Wool is as natural as the fire itself, it is about protecting New Zealand’s history and ensuring its future.

Wool is an eco-friendly fibre, comfortable and a more durable option to the cheaper and more disposable alternative.

We advocate buy wool, buy New Zealand wool products and support the New Zealand economy.