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Pounamu finely carved and polished Toki - dark forest green

An impressive piece that has solidness and weight to it, a beautiful carved cabochon stone which enhances the ranges of deep forest green colours; it is suitable for either a male or female to wear.

Size (LxW) 50mm x 25mm

Hung on adjustable cord. Note how the cord is threaded through the back- a true skill of a good carver.

The item displayed is the item you will receive. This is a unique piece.
This pounamu has been collected from the Arahura river on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island and has been lovingly carved by a direct descendent of the Arahura Pa, respecting the traditional carving teachings passed on by elders and the protocols pertaining to the guardianship of the Arahura river.

The selected carvers are involved and active within the Arahura Pa and its community.

New Zealand’s pounamu/ greenstone /jade deposits are small but they represent some of the finest jade in the world and offers limitless combinations in colour, pattern and texture.

Please note there may be a slight colour distortion due to computer resolution.

SC: 1132DDM1004

Price (NZD): $152.00