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Pounamu on Wood Semi Polished Table Ornament

This beautiful piece is ideal for any coffee table or display case. The deep green pounamu is cradled in a piece of driftwood as if nature had intended to be.

The stone size is L 90mm x W 70mm D 10mm
The wood piece is at its highest point 50mm x L 114mm x W 80mm D 10mm
The stone has a section that has been polished to reveal the beautiful colour of what lies beneath the river washed exterior.

This an ideal corporate gift for those hosting guests that need that memorable keepsake gift to keep them front of mind. Or those who wish to give a gift to a person who appreciates both the taonga tuku iho and aroha that comes with the pounamu and the intention that it is given with.

Please Note: The depth of colour of the pounamu may vary due to monitor resolution as the deep green is hard to show in its full beauty.

Price (NZD): $220.00